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We appreciate that understanding students’ needs and choosing the right resources for English language teaching is very important. We have therefore listed a few questions that are frequently asked by teachers. If none of these questions fits your particular need, please contact us at: . We’ll do our best to answer you as soon as possible!

How can I receive sample copies of Macmillan titles?

If you would like a trial copy of one of our titles, please contact:

How do I request a visit from a Macmillan representative?

To arrange a visit, please contact us at Tel (02) 2388 3208 or Both of our representatives are knowledgeable about Macmillan titles and will be more than happy to help you.

How do I obtain a copy of the latest Macmillan ELT catalogue?

Please contact us at Tel (02)2388 3208 or and indicate which catalogue your would like to receive (East Asia ELT Catalogue or Readers catalogue). You can also get more information on Macmillan titles, useful links and free, regularly updated materials by visiting - Macmillan's unique community site for English language teachers.

How can I receive information on Macmillan events?

Please contact us at Tel (02)2388 3208 or and ask to be put on our mailing list. You will be asked to provide some details such as where you teach, your position, the age group of your students etc. This information will help us send you information on the appropriate Macmillan events.

How can I find out where to buy Macmillan titles and their prices?

Please visit the How to buy page.

What resources do you recommend for IELTS?

We have recently published our lower level course, IELTS Foundation, a new and motivating IELTS course aimed at students in the band of 4-5.5, and written by experienced UK teachers, and IELTS Foundation Study Skills which is ideal for self-study and comes with a free audio CD.

IELTS Testbuilder is particularly recommended for higher levels, score 6 and above. Written by Sam McCarter and  Judith Ash, it improves and develops exam technique through practice tests, common problem areas, tasks, and guided writing.

Have a look at some of Sam’s free downloadable IELTS lesson ideas at

What coursebooks do you recommend for elementary schools that have 2 class-meeting times per week?

We have two primary coursebooks, Smile and See Saw which are widely used in the elementary schools in Taiwan. If you would like to have more information on how these two courses should be used at your elementary school, please contact us at Tel (02)2388 3208 or

What supplementary materials do you recommend for reinforcing children’s grammar and the four language skills?

Jump! is a 6-level grammar and spelling series which is a perfect companion to any primary courses. Its colourful illustrations, clear and simple presentation with opportunities for practice and extension has made this series particularly suitable for lower level student, please contact us at Tel (02)2388 3208 or for more information.

The Grammar Tree is a 6-level topic-based grammar series with lively and colourful illustrations. It’s suitable for higher level students, please contact us at Tel (02)2388 3208 or

Macmillan Foundation Skills Series - Reading and Writing (link to product page) is a 6 level strand-alone series. The Reading Comprehension series introduces children to a wide range of text types with exercises at different levels.