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Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate that understanding student’s needs and choosing the right resources for English language teaching is very important. We’ve therefore listed a few of the common questions that are frequently asked.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask please send them to We’ll do our best to answer them!

What resources do you recommend for IELTS?

We have recently published Ready for IELTS and Improve your IELTS Skill series. Ready for IELTS is for Students aiming for grades 5 - 6.5. Ready for IELTS is a motivating and comprehensive course. There are complete IELTS grammar syllabus and vocabulary and word building skills, which make up a key part of the course. Another course we have is IELTS Graduation is for Students aiming for grades 5.5 and above and our IELTS Foundation level 4.5.

Downloadable IELTS Lesson ideas written by Sam McCarter and Richard Gresswell:

How can I receive sample copies of Macmillan titles?

If you would like a trial copy of one of our titles, please contact and Michaela will be happy to send these to you.

How do I request a visit from a Macmillan Representative?

To arrange a visit please contact Wiktor or Ben where they will be able to arrange a suitable and convenient time for you. All our representatives have invaluable knowledge and experience and have previously worked as EFL teachers.

How do I obtain a copy of the latest Macmillan ELT catalogue?

Please contact Michaela Belejkanicova on 01865 405802 or email her at to receive your free ELT resources catalogue.

Readers catalogues and Price Lists are also available.

How can I arrange to have a Dictionary workshop?

Dictionary workshops can be arranged with one of our representatives, Wiktor or Ed.

I'm trying to set up a teacher training conference and I would like Macmillan Education to attend. How can I arrange this?

Our representatives are happy to attend relevant industry conferences and events. Conference and event attendance is dependent on factors such as delegate numbers and the availability of our representatives. Please get in touch with the UK Sales team to discuss further details.

I would like to contact an author. How can I do this?

Due to the Data Protection Act we are unable to supply author   contact details. We will be more than happy to forward on any messages you have for your chosen author. Please email Michaela with your message.

How can I arrange to have an author give a talk at my event?

Macmillan Education sponsors author teacher training events throughout the year. Please contact Michaela or 01865 405802 to discuss in further detail.

Further FAQs can be found at the Macmillan Help page.