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Amanda is leading a departmental meeting in order to diffuse a situation in which an angry customer has complained about an error. Her team must work out a solution to resolve the problem without blaming one another.

Help your students to get better at working in a team with this video and accompanying resources from the Open Mind Skills for Work series.

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Video Worksheet  Teacher's Notes

The aim of this video is to help students understand team-working skills. Exercises based on material from Pre-intermediate to Advanced levels of Open Mind (and the Mind series for American English learners) have been provided in the teacher's notes and worksheet to use alongside the video.

In the first scenario, the team spend more time blaming each other for  the error that has caused the customer to complain, than on solutions to resolve the problem. As the team get angry they miss the opportunity to solve the conflict and this only results in a potential tension in the office for the coming days.

Following commentary from the life coach in the second scenario, the team focus on solutions by investigating where the error may have occurred, without spending time blaming one another, and then work together proactively to solve the problem.

Tips for better team working

  • Try and ensure discussions are well-facilitated and managed from the start
  • Ensure team members focus on the issues at hand
  • Encourage input from all members to proactively seek solutions
  • Use collaborative language to reinforce the team dynamic