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500 Activities for the Primary Classroom

500 Activities for the Primary Classroom

Carol Read

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
27 April 2007

500 Activities for the Primary Classroom is an indispensable collection of practical activities for teaching English to primary-aged children. It contains a compendium of ideas and classroom activities helping to answer that perennial question of "What on Earth am I going to do with my class tomorrow?"


Key Features

  • The book provides a fully comprehensive resource pack of activities for teaching primary children with minimal or no extra resources required, making them suitable for all students.
  • Carol Read offers clear methodological content to help teachers understand the approaches behind the activities.
  • Activities are grouped by type in easy to search sections, e.g. storytelling and drama, art and craft, reading.
  • The collection of activities will be useful for those who are new to teaching young learners, non-language specialists, as well as more experienced teachers.
  • Further advice, ideas and suggestions for additional reading are included to help teachers deepen their knowledge on the subject.

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