Bebop Level 1 Student's Book Pack

Bebop Level 1 Student

Lorena Peimbert and Myriam Monterrubio

English Type:
American English
Level 1

The Bebop Student's Book is composed of 8 units with each unit designed to be covered over a month of classes. Lessons consist of vocabulary, grammar, Storysong, story comprehension and literacy work, language practice, content-based Learning, Action Songs and reviews. There are also story board cut-outs which provide an interactive approach.

Key Features

  • uses a unique multi-sensory approach to learning: a combination of music, ASL signs, and language helps children learn English while engaging different learning styles
  • contains a strong literacy strand, including storytelling through Storysongs
  • provides a varied and dynamic component mix, including the Teacher’s DVD-ROM with Interactive Flashcards and videos of the Animated Storysongs and Action Songs
  • includes a home-school connection through the Bebop Band app, which is available on Apple and Android devices
  • is published in a big format which appeals to teachers and students at this level

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