Macmillan Next Move

Macmillan Next Move Level 3 Teacher's Book Pack

Macmillan Next Move Level 3 Teacher

Rachel Finnie

English Type:
British English
Level 3

The Teacher's Book Pack provides step-by-step notes that support the teacher in setting lesson objectives, introducing new target vocabulary and grammar, recycling language and Blended Teaching tips. The Teacher’s Resource Centre can be entered by the accompanying webcode which provides access to a wealth of extra material.

Key Features

  • Each page of the Teacher’s Book shows a reduced version of the Pupil's Book page
  • Step-by-step teacher’s notes for each activity, materials needed and objectives for each lesson, and ideas for optional extension activities
  • Suggestions for integration of Macmillan Next Move's digital components appear in the Blended learning tips
  • Guided instructions for the development of competencies are included in each lesson
  • At the back of the Teacher’s Book, you can find teacher’s notes for the Progress Check activities from the Pupil's Book
  • Every lesson in Macmillan Next Move includes flexible extension activities providing extra teaching material to suit varied teaching schedules
  • Included webcode gives access to the online Teacher's Resource Centre, where there is a wealth of extra material

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