Next Move

Next Move Level 4 Teacher's Edition + eBook Pack

Next Move Level 4 Teacher


The Teacher's Book Pack provides step-by-step notes that support in setting lesson objectives, introducing new target vocabulary and grammar, recycling language and Blended Teaching tips. The Teacher’s Resource Centre provides access to a wealth of extra material. The eBook is page-faithful to the print Student's Book and has interactive audio.

Key Features

  • Each page of the Teacher’s Book shows a reduced version of the Pupil's Book page
  • Step-by-step teacher’s notes for each activity, materials needed and objectives for each lesson, and ideas for optional extension activities
  • Suggestions for integration of Macmillan Next Move's digital components appear in the Blended learning tips
  • Guided instructions for the development of competencies are included in each lesson
  • At the back of the Teacher’s Book, you can find teacher’s notes for the Progress Check activities from the Pupil's Book
  • Every lesson in Macmillan Next Move includes flexible extension activities providing extra teaching material to suit varied teaching schedules
  • Included webcode gives access to the online Teacher's Resource Centre, where there is a wealth of extra material
  • The eBook is page-faithful version of the print Student's Book and has interactive audio

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