Academy Stars

Academy Stars Level 2 Workbook

Academy Stars Level 2 Workbook

Andrea Harries

English Type:
British English
Level 2

The Workbook provides lesson-by-lesson written practice of structural forms, core vocabulary, and reading and writing skills to reinforce the Pupil’s Book content. Engaging, contextualised activities make language practice meaningful and purposeful, and specifically designed writing practice supports pupils of all levels in writing independently.

Key Features

  • Check-up challenges, and Mid-year and End-of-year revision sections offer regular recycling and consolidation of target language
  • Regular exam-style tasks provide practice of the Cambridge English: Young Learners English Tests
  • Self-evaluation sections linked to the learning skills strand encourage pupils to reflect on their learning and identify learning strengths and styles
  • A Grammar Reference provides a quick-access summary of all grammar points with additional practice activities

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