Beyond A2+ Workbook

Beyond A2+ Workbook

Nina Lauder and Ingrid Wisniewska

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
12 March 2014

The Beyond Workbooks provide students the chance to consolidate their learning over the course. Every Workbook unit includes extra grammar and vocabulary consolidation pages, which are cumulative throughout the book and therefore provide thorough language recycling. The Workbooks are ideal as a homework tool or for use in class.

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Key Features

  • Syllabus - the Workbook reflects the Student's Book planned syllabus
  • Vocabulary - the Workbook exploits both target vocabulary sections from the Student's Book
  • Grammar - the Workbook offers further opportunities for students to understand, develop and apply their grammar learning
  • Comprehensive coverage of all Student's Book material, including Speaking, Writing and Life Skills material

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