Beyond B1 Student's Book Premium Pack

Beyond B1 Student

Rob Metcalf and Robert Campbell and Rebecca Robb Benne

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
16 June 2014

The Student's Book Premium Pack consists of the print Student's Book with a code that provides access to the Online Workbook, as well as the Student's Resource Centre. The Online workbook is an online version of the Beyond Print Workbook which contains interactive versions of all the Workbook activities, providing students with fun and engaging learning. Also, included is an integrated teacher-operated Markbook which allows instant feedback and progression checks. The Resource Centre contains the entire Student's Book audio and video material, the Workbook audio material, extra listening tracks and extra worksheets.

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Key Features

  • Subskills - a very carefully developed and planned subskills syllabus relating to every key element of language. The syllabus is linked with the CEFR levels
  • Life skills - every unit in Beyond has one page dedicated to various essential 21st century life skills
  • Bespoke videos - there are two separate video streams in Beyond: The Moving Picture video which features on the opening spread of every unit and is specially designed to bring the pages to life
  • Content - all the standard topics are covered in Beyond, but with an interesting twist to make them more interesting to teenagers
  • The Student's Resource Centre hosts the Student's Book audio and video material as well as the Workbook audio, extra listening material and extra worksheets
  • For the Premium Student's Book Pack, there is also the online Workbook

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