Brilliant Fun

Brilliant Fun 2 Pupil's Book

Brilliant Fun 2 Pupil

Charlotte Covill and Jeanne Perrett

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
4 September 2001
Level 2

The Brilliant Fun 2 Pupil's Book combines a full-colour coursebook and activity book. The Pupil's Book is divided into six main teaching units and each unit is divided into three lessons. Different types of fun activities are included to ensure that the language is presented clearly and there is plenty of practice of the target language.

Key Features

  • The Pupil's Book combines a full-colour coursebook and activity book
  • Language is clearly presented and practiced through a variety of exercises, including games, sticker activities, picture stories, drawing and colouring
  • Six main units, each unit contains three lessons
  • Extra Fun section consolidates material learnt in the main units
  • Playtime section provides a review after three sections to reinforce the material learnt

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