Busy Board

Busy Board 1 CD-ROM

Busy Board 1 CD-ROM

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British English
Published Date:
27 October 2008
Level 1

This generic interactive whiteboard material is the perfect digital tool for the Primary classroom.

Busy Board 1 provides a wide range of interactive activities based on a common syllabus in the first cycle of Primary.

The activities exploit all of the resources that interactive whiteboards offer and provide attractive images and interactive activities, perfect for initiating heads-up practice in the Primary classroom.

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Key Features

  • Platform neutral – can be used on any type of IWB and with any operating system
  • Can be used as stand-alone material or as a complement to any primary course book
  • Most topic areas have the choice of 5+ activities
  • Teacher’s information area for each topic lists the type of activity, the vocabulary items covered and a description of the activity to help teachers pick the most appropriate activity to complement their lesson.

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