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English World 10 Workbook with CD-ROM

English World 10 Workbook with CD-ROM

Mary Bowen and Liz Hocking and Wendy Wren

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
21 June 2013
Upper Intermediate

The Workbook offers extended practice to accompany the Student's Book and contains the Workbook CD-ROM.

Each unit has 10 pages of tasks and exercises for independent work to extend and consolidate the learning in the Student's Book. Two pages of revision exercises appear after every other unit, giving practice of work covered in the two preceding units. A wordlist contains key words from the reading texts, vocabulary pages and spelling for each unit.

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Key Features

  • Interactive games to practise vocabulary, grammar and dictionary work
  • Wordlist of key language
  • Revision pages after every another unit
  • CD-ROM accompanying Workbook with reading texts and dialogues12 pronunciation worksheets focus on sounds, word stress, and rhythm and intonation
  • Writing and Grammar sections reinforce the material learnt

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