English World

English World 2 DVD-ROM

English World 2 DVD-ROM

Mary Bowen and Liz Hocking

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
22 September 2009
Level 2

English World takes account of the evolving digital environment in today's primary classroom. The English World 2 DVD-ROM is the perfect tool to complement the English World 2 print materials and enhance your pupils' learning experience. The activities can be teacher-led on an Interactive Whiteboard or projector, or used interactively with your pupils. The features on the DVD-ROM work alongside, but don't replicate the print materials.

The DVD-ROM includes an animated version of the poster for each unit, interactive phonics activities, videos, testbuilders, a dictionary with audio of all the words in the print dictionary, sing-along versions of the songs from English World 2 and lots more.

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Key Features

  • Complete teacher training package with filmed classes of real teachers using English World in the classroom - invaluable for lesson planning and classroom management
  • Intteractive Whiteboard materials
  • A complete set of sound files from the Pupil’s Book
  • Testbuilder to create customised printable tests

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