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English World 7 Dictionary

English World 7 Dictionary

Mary Bowen and Liz Hocking and Wendy Wren

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British English
Level 7

A course-specific dictionary for level 7 facilitates the transition from primary into secondary education, and contains new words which did not appear in the primary levels of English World. New vocabulary comes from the reading texts, the Grammar in use dialogues and the Writing pages.

In addition, the dictionary contains all the vocabulary from English World Levels 1-6 to give practice in using a full dictionary with all entries listed alphabetically and to allow students to check words they have seen before but may have forgotten. The more complex features of a standard dictionary (including words with more than one meaning) and how to use these features productively are taught and practised in English World 8, taking examples from the Macmillan School Dictionary as a standard secondary level dictionary.

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Key Features

  • Entry words printed in bold for easy reference
  • Phonetic spelling given for accuracy in pronunciation
  • Word class given in full
  • Definitions are written in simple language
  • Example sentences are given with the entry word highlighted

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