English World Secondary Levels

English World 7 Workbook with CD-ROM

English World 7 Workbook with CD-ROM

Mary Bowen and Liz Hocking and Wendy Wren


The English World 7 Workbook offers extended practice to accompany the Student’s Book and contains the Workbook CD-ROM. Each unit has 10 pages of tasks and exercises to extend and consolidate the learning in the Student’s Book. Revision pages reinforce material learnt and the Wordlist provides a good reference point for key language.

Key Features

  • Interactive pronunciation chart
  • 12 pronunciation worksheets focusing on sounds, word stress, and rhythm and intonation
  • Interactive games to practise vocabulary, grammar and dictionary work
  • Wordlist of key language
  • Revision pages after every another unit
  • Student’s CD-ROM accompanying Workbook with reading texts and dialogues

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