Macmillan English Explorers

Explorers 6: Treasure Island

Explorers 6: Treasure Island

Gill Munton and Sue Graves

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
13 May 2007
Level 6

Macmillan English Explorers 6 are aimed at confident readers. The reading book contains a motivating story, which uses high frequency words, plus story-specific words which are clarified by beautiful illustrations where possible. The ‘How to read well’ section provides children with advice on an effective reading approach and useful tips.

Key Features

  • Stories have been written using high-frequency words plus story-specific words which are clarified by illustrations, where possible
  • High-frequency words have been taken from the UK National Literacy Strategy
  • Phonetically-regular words are included in a meaningful and contextualised way
  • Each Reader contains one complete story with some of the characters reappearing at higher levels, providing a sense of continuity and familiarity to the reader
  • The book comes in full-colour

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