Flying High

Flying High 5 Combined Student's Book and Workbook A

Flying High 5 Combined Student

Simon Brewster and Paul A. Davies and Mickey Rogers

English Type:
American English
Level 5

Key Features

  • Combined Student’s Book and Workbook format
  • Active analysis of new grammar structures develops learner autonomy
  • Lifeline gives students the opportunity to activate new language in a natural and genuinely communicative everyday context
  • Up-to-date real-world content means adult learners can truly engage with the topics
  • CD-Rom for each level provides extra vocabulary and grammar practice
  • Information-rich texts provide mature content for mature learners
  • Learner training with sections on recording vocabulary and grammar terms encourages self study
  • Full-colour Teacher’s Book including guidance on Learner Development helps teachers to help their students get the best out of Flying High

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