Footprints Levels 5 and 6 Digital Book

Footprints Levels 5 and 6 Digital Book

Donna Shaw

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
16 April 2010
Level 6

The Digital Book 5 & 6 comprises of the digital Pupil's Book and the digital Activity Book. The stories and activities are perfect for whole-class teaching as material can be used on an Interactive Whiteboard. Each Digital Book is packaged as a CD-ROM for easy and flexible use in the classroom.

Key Features

  • Zoom-in facility allows teachers to focus on individual frames in stories and individual activities such as skills or pronunciation
  • Pupil's Book audio is included on the Digital Book to play directly from the page
  • Digital Activity Book includes answers to facilitate whole-class marking and correction
  • Platform independent, allowing use on all types of Interactive Whiteboards

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