Gateway A2 Practice Online

Gateway A2 Practice Online

Dave Spencer

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British English
Published Date:
28 June 2011
Electronic book text

Gateway is an academically rich five-level general English course designed to lead teenage students to success in school-leaving/university entrance examinations, and prepare them for university and the world of work.

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Key Features

  • Topic based units - based around School Leaving exam topics and topics addressing the concerns of the age group: going to college/university; leaving home; future careers; literature; politics; travel; the world we live in; content based texts from other subjects e.g. ecology, law, science
  • Exam preparation - exam style practise activities throughout the unit with exam and study skills tips
  • Exam practice sections after every 2 units will practice ‘new’ language from proceeding language and have a cumulative element; recycling language from all previous units. Assessment will direct students to revision or extension in the WB
  • Extended study skills and exam skills section at the back of the book connected to hints and tips in the units
  • Authentic texts - or texts appearing to be authentic - will be longer/more weighty than in current young adult courses which are used in this segment – activities (grammar and skills) will fully exploit texts
  • CLICK (Cross-curricular, Literature and International Cultural Knowledge) pages blend market need for content based, cross-curricular and literary/non-literary texts into one section and will work on integrated skills
  • Grammar - Approach to grammar will be inductive and grammar will be taught in context
  • Each unit will end with a grammar reference and exam style practice pages
  • Developing Writing and Developing Speaking pages with staged activities and models will help students prepare and present key skills more effectively
  • Active role of the learners - will be highlighted throughout – can do descriptors highlighted on contents page and at start of the unit; portfolio pages in WB/Student website to monitor progress against can do descriptors; self-assessment and next step indicators; study skills focus
  • Vocabulary features will help students build and extend the vocabulary – Mini Dictionary in WB

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