Gateway B1 Student Book and Webcode

Gateway B1 Student Book and Webcode

Dave Spencer

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
11 January 2011

The Student’s Book is a beautifully designed book which has topic-based units that focus on exams and concerns of the age group such as going to university, leaving home and future careers. There are exam sections after every two units, along with extra activity sections. This version comes with a webcode which provides access to Gateway online.

Key Features

  • The webcode in the back of the Student's Book provides access to Gateway Online where students can watch and listen to authentic video and audio material, play games and practise their language skills
  • Topic based units focused on School Leaving exam topics and topics addressing the concerns of the age group such as going to college/university, leaving home, future careers, politics, travel and the world we live in
  • Content based, authentic texts from other subjects including ecology, law, science
  • Extensive exam preparation with exam style practice activities throughout each unit with exam and study skills tips
  • Exam practice sections after every 2 units practice
  • CLICK (Cross-curricular, Literature and International Cultural Knowledge) pages blend content based, cross-curricular and literary/non-literary texts into one section
  • Approach to grammar is inductive and is taught in context

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