Gateway to Success

Gateway to Success B2 Workbook

Gateway to Success B2 Workbook

Frances Treloar

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British English

The Gateway to Success workbooks complement and expand on the content of the Coursebook including vocabulary and grammar extension, supported writing sections, revision units, and progress tests.  It also includes a Gateway to Success dictionary.

Key Features

  •  Topic-based units - based around school-leaving exam topics and topics addressing the concerns of the age group: going to college/university; future careers; literature; politics; travel; the world we live in; content-based texts from other subjects e.g. ecology, law, science
  •  Exam preparation - exam style practice activities throughout the unit with exam and study skills tips.
  •  Gateway to Exams sections after every 2 units will practice ‘new’ language and have a cumulative element; recycling language from all previous units. Assessment will direct students to revision or extension in the WB.
  •  Extended study skills and exam skills section at the back of the book connected to hints and tips in the units.
  •  Authentic texts - or texts appearing to be authentic - will be longer/more weighty than in current young adult courses which are used in this segment – activities (grammar and skills) will fully exploit texts.
  •  CLICK (Cross-curricular, Literature and International Cultural Knowledge) pages blend market need for content-based, cross-curricular and literary/non-literary texts into one section and will work on integrated skills.
  • (Cross-promote with Macmillan Readers, Macmillan Readers student facing website, Macmillan Literature Collections)
  •  Grammar - Approach to grammar will be inductive and grammar will be taught in context.
  • (Cross promote with MEGIC)
  •  Each unit will end with a Language reference and revision pages with grammar/vocabulary reference pages and revision exercises.
  •  Developing Writing and Developing Speaking pages with staged activities and models will help students prepare and present key skills more effectively.
  •  Active role of the learners will be highlighted throughout. 'Can Do' Progress Checks at the end of every 2 units; interactive web activities can be marked and monitored by the students (and sent to the teacher); study skills focus.
  •  Vocabulary features will help students build and extend their vocabulary - bespoke Gateway dictionary for each level in the back of each WB, Developing Vocabulary sections throughout SB and WB, Word Booster activities on CLICK spreads, interactive wordlist self-study tool on Gateway Online. All vocabulary features are heavily branded to cross promote MED.
  •  Content-rich course website containing hundreds of interactive activities for students, videos, games, a Macmillan Reader for each level, an interactive wordlist for each level and a bank of extra resources for teachers

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