Get Ready for Business

Get Ready for Business 1 Student's Book

Get Ready for Business 1 Student

Dorothy Zemach and Andrew Vaughan

English Type:
American English
Published Date:
30 August 2008
Level 1

To be ready to use English in the workplace, students need to be exposed to a variety of business and workplace situations, build confidence in using English communicatively for work and practice using English creatively in simulated business contexts. Get Ready for Business Student's Books cover exactly the needs of business English students.

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Key Features

  • Carefully graded materials that do not assume students are familiar with the world of work 
  • A focus on developing listening and speaking skills in business situations 
  • A workplace context with characters students can relate to 
  • "Viewpoints" sections in which a variety of speakers talk about aspects of culture and business
  • Ongoing Project tasks that allow students to use the language studies to develop their own professional and company profile 
  • An optional TOEIC® test-type practice page for each unit

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