Get Ready For International Business

Get Ready For International Business 1 Student's Book - BEC

Get Ready For International Business 1 Student

Dorothy Zemach and Andrew Vaughan

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
17 May 2013

Get Ready for International Business helps pre-work students and those new to the world of work to use English in the workplace by exposing them to a variety of business and workplace situations and enabling them to practice using English creatively in simulated business contexts.

Each unit has four pages of core input (mostly through listening) and an additional two pages of optional material. The optional material includes 'In Business' case study sections, and 'Viewpoints'  multicultural pages that explore the international world of business.

The Student's Book comes with supplementary BEC practice.

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Key Features

  • Accessible non-threatening content
  • Focus on communication skills
  • BEC preparatory test-type practice activities
  • Practical Business Tasks
  • Viewpoints sections provide information about doing business in a cross-cultural context

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