Get Ready For International Business

Get Ready For International Business 1 Teacher's Book

Get Ready For International Business 1 Teacher

Jaimie Scanlon and Dorothy Zemach

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
28 June 2013

The Teacher’s Book Pack provides detailed teaching notes with step-by-step instructions to each unit of the book. Unit aims, warm-up ideas, answers keys and tests are all included, along with photocopiable material. The Digibook disc accompanies the pack with a digital version of the Student’s Book and audio files, perfect for classroom teaching.

Key Features

  • Unit aims clearly outlined including Viewpoint and In business focus per unit
  • Practice answer key to exercises
  • Two photocopiable tests with answer keys
  • Photocopiable activities to practice practical business tasks
  • Full audio scripts
  • Digibook for classroom presentations
  • Digital version of the Student's Book main units and review pages
  • Audio files for the listening activities
  • Audio scripts as a pdf file

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