Cheeky Monkey

Hello Cheeky Pupil's Book Pack

Hello Cheeky Pupil

Kathryn Harper

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
28 May 2008
Mixed media format

The Hello Cheeky Pupil's Book Pack includes a Pupil's Book, stickers and sticker activities to focus attention on key vocabulary, press-outs and a free Multi-ROM full of activities for each unit and the festivals. The Multi-ROM also contains the songs from the course, each of which is accompanied by mime and gesture to facilitate understanding and provide opportunities for movement.

The Pupil's Book is made up of six story-based units, each with seven lessons. There is also a festivals section at the end of the book.

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Key Features

  • Stickers and sticker activities focus attention on key vocabulary
  • Free Multi-ROM full of activities, stories, games and songs
  • Press-outs can be used as characters, puppets and masks to review language focus
  • A festivals section at the end of the book

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