Here Comes Super Bus

Here Comes Super Bus Levels 1 and 2 DVD

Here Comes Super Bus Levels 1 and 2 DVD

Pepita Subira and Maria Jose Lobo

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
31 August 2006
DVD Video
Level 2

The Here Comes Super Bus Levels 1 and 2 DVD has been designed to be used in conjunction with Here Comes Super Bus. However, the stories and activities can also be used alongside any other Primary course, or independently as an introduction to English for young learners. 

The DVD is an excellent way of presenting new language and vocabulary. It can be used to confirm, consolidate and expand what the children have already learned.

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Key Features

  • All fourteen animated stories from Here Comes Super Bus 1 and 2
  • A Christmas song for each level
  • Activities to encourage the children to practise target language from each story
  • Karaoke songs and games to encourage participation

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