In Company 3.0

In Company 3.0 Pre-intermediate Level Digital Student's Book Pack Premium

In Company 3.0 Pre-intermediate Level Digital Student

Simon Clarke

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British English

An interactive digital version of the print Student’s Book, and suitable for tablets. It is page faithful to the Student’s Book and includes embedded video and audio, plus interactive practice to provide a rich user experience. Part of the Digital Student’s Book Premium Pack, including Student’s Resource Centre and Online Workbook.

Key Features

  • Embedded interactive activities
  • Automatic scoring function, which allows students to mark their own activities as they work through them and see their progress
  • Students can join a class created by their teacher, and send and receive messages using the messaging function
  • Embedded audio and video assets
  • Highlighter, search and notes tools
  • Students have the benefits of studying on the go

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