Little Explorers

Little Explorers A: Daisy the Dinosaur Big Book

Little Explorers A: Daisy the Dinosaur Big Book

Louis Fidge and Gill Munton

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
21 February 2006

The Macmillan English Little Explorers A and B are aimed at children aged 4-5. The stories have been written using high-frequency words, plus story-specific words which as far as possible are clarified by illustrations. This is the Big Book version of Daisy the Dinosaur, perfect for classroom use.

Key Features

  • The rich variety of text types including non-fiction texts means any child can enjoy reading, wherever their interests lie
  • The stories promote social values such as friendship and respect
  • Stories have been written using high-frequency words plus story-specific words which are clarified by illustrations, where possible
  • Phonetically-regular words are included in a meaningful and contextualized way
  • Each Reader contains one complete story with some of the characters reappearing at higher levels, providing a sense of continuity and familiarity to the reader

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