Macmillan English

Macmillan English 5 Teacher's Guide

Macmillan English 5 Teacher

Mary Bowen and Printha Ellis and Louis Fidge and Liz Hocking and Wendy Wren

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
4 July 2007
Level 5

Every lesson in Macmillan English 5 has two pages of resources in the Teacher's Guide to assist the teacher.

The first page shows the pupils' material in facsimile and the brief notes on each step of the lesson related by pointers to the facsimile. This allows teachers to conduct the lesson with the stimulus material and main teaching points together.

The second page contains the lesson summary, including the aim, specific targets, key words and language, materials needed and advance preparation required. It also contains a chart showing the proportion of time recommended for each lesson section, a warm-up to begin the lesson, detailed notes for aspects of each lesson which teachers may wish to use, tapescripts for listening activities and extension activities.

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Key Features

  • Spiral bound for easy use
  • Full colour for easy reference
  • Extension activities for each lesson

Macmillan English 5 Teacher's Guide

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