Macmillan English

Macmillan English 6 Posters

Macmillan English 6 Posters

Mary Bowen and Printha Ellis and Louis Fidge and Liz Hocking and Wendy Wren

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
12 May 2007
Level 6

There are eighteen large posters for teacher-led listening which accompany each episode in the Fluency Book and the Fluency CD in Macmillan English 6.

Key Features

  • Macmillan English grows with the childrens maturity levels
  • The wide range of integrated components provides a complete language learning tool
  • Macmillan English Teacher’s Book gives teachers the support they need when they need it
  • The 18-episode Macmillan English Fluency Book introduces children to the pleasure of listening to and speaking in English
  • The cross-curricular content make Macmillan English a unique learning tool with a gradual shift towards learning English as a first language at higher levels

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