Macmillan English

Macmillan English 2 Presentation Kit Pack

Macmillan English 2 Presentation Kit Pack

Louis Fidge and Liz Hocking and Wendy Wren and Mary Bowen and Printha Ellis

English Type:
British English
Level 2

The Macmillan English Level 2 Presentation Kit Pack is a suite of easy-to-use downloadable IWB materials. The pack includes an interactive Language Book, a Practice Book and a Fluency Book.

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Key Features

  • Full-page view of the Language Book, Practice Book and Fluency Book
  • Embedded class audio
  • Interactive activities bring lessons to life and promote ‘heads-up’ learning
  • Reveal answers feature for easy whole-class checking of exercises and homework
  • Vocabulary Tool for Levels 1-3 helps presentation, practice and retention of key language

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