Macmillan Factual Readers

Macmillan Factual Readers: Where We Live

Macmillan Factual Readers: Where We Live

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
21 December 2011
Level 2

What are different houses made of? What does a roof do? Why are some houses built on stilts? Read and discover the facts in this six-level series where English language learners explore a variety of fascinating real-world topics. Carefully graded and including a glossary with explanations of key vocabulary.

Key Features

  • natural language which is clear and precise
  • arresting images and clear design
  • careful progression both in language and design
  • exclusively non-fiction, with a wide range of high-interest subjects, particularly appealing for boys and reluctant readers
  • content reflects what young readers find fascinating
  • developed with literary experts
  •  audio, teacher's notes and extra supplementary materials

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