Macmillan Natural and Social Science

Macmillan Natural and Social Science Level 5 Teacher's Book

Macmillan Natural and Social Science Level 5 Teacher

Joanne Ramsden

Level 5

Macmillan Natural and Social Science is a six-level course for children studying science in English. The course develops children's knowledge of science, history and geography as well as providing systematic development of English language skills. The activities are varied in their approach to provide a motivating stimulus to children's learning and cater for differences in learning styles.

A key feature of the course is the development of English language skills alongside science content. All four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are introduced and built on.

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Key Features

  • Children are introduced to scientific investigation skills by carrying out experiments, collecting evidence and recording their findings in charts or by drawing, labelling or writing results
  • Revision pages review the main concepts and language of each unit, and also contain a self-assessment section

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