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Macmillan Literature Collections: Mystery Stories

Macmillan Literature Collections: Mystery Stories

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American English
Published Date:
2 January 2013

The Mystery Stories Collection brings together stories which explore mystery in all its forms. From psychological mysteries to mysteries of the heart, from strange phenomena to good old-fashioned detective puzzles, there is sure to be a story here to enthral every reader of mystery.

Unadapted short stories by: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Cleveland Moffett, Roald Dahl, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Frank R. Stockton

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Key Features

  • Advanced-level Readers
  • A variety of original short stories written by famous classic and modern writers
  • Perfect for those students who are ready to make the transition from graded readers to unadapted English literature texts
  • Provides substantial language support including vocabulary, comprehension questions and language-study exercises
  • A literary analysis section to help students examine themes, characterisation and plot – thus increasing their understanding and appreciation of each story

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