Macmillan School Dictionary

Macmillan School Dictionary Paperback

Macmillan School Dictionary Paperback

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The Macmillan School Dictionary is a two-colour dictionary for intermediate-level students whose curriculum subjects are taught through the medium of English.

Strong curriculum content with special emphasis on school subject vocabulary and subject-specific words highlighted throughout. The School Dictionary word selection is based on the 200 million-word World English Corpus and supplemented with words taken from curriculum coursebooks.

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Key Features

  • Helpful reference section containing information on the periodic table, irregular verbs, pronunciation, geographical names and nationalities, and expressions using numbers
  • Information on grammar patterns, collocations, phrases and phrasal verbs
  • Clear layout and clear, simple definitions using a restricted defining vocabulary
  • Information on spelling with inflections for irregular and semi-regular verbs, adjectives and nouns
  • Special help boxes on word families, synonym sets and vocabulary building

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