The Mind Series

masterMind 2 Student's Book and Webcode Split Edition A

masterMind 2 Student

Steve Taylore-Knowles and Mickey Rogers and Dorothy Zemach

English Type:
American English
Level 5

The Split Student’s Book edition A covers units 1-6 with each unit focusing on teaching the four skills through engaging exercises and a specially devised syllabus. masterSkills sections develop key higher-order skills, while the accompanying webcode provides access to mindOnline, where supplementary activities and useful resources can be found.

Key Features

  • This split edition covers units 1-6
  • masterSkills section in each unit develop social and cross cultural skills, critical thinking skills and information literacy skills
  • Independent speaking requires students to speak for longer periods of time
  • Integrated vocabulary sections
  • Clear objectives for each unit, and a real drive to encourage learner independence through a wealth of components
  • Strong communicative practice and pronunciation strands to create a fully balanced course
  • A Webcode accompanies the student’s Book and provides access to mindOnline
  • mindOnline – contains supplementary activities, interactive wordlists, reading worksheets and videos

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