Mind Series 2nd edition

masterMind 2nd Edition Level 2 Student's Book Premium Pack

masterMind 2nd Edition Level 2 Student

Mickey Rogers and Steve Taylore-Knowles and Dorothy Zemach

English Type:
American English
Level 2

The Student’s Book Premium Pack contains a print Student’s Book that is visually engaging. Each unit incorporates the course theme of life skills, along with language sub-skills, inductive grammar sections, support boxes and a strong writing and speaking syllabus. Access to an Online Workbook and Resource Centre is available via a webcode.

Key Features

  • Print Student’s Book with engaging activities
  • Clear, vibrant and visual unit openers
  • Revised Grammar sections with a step-by-step structure to make understanding easier
  • Independent Learning boxes such as ‘Notice!’, ‘How are you doing?’ and ‘Reflect’
  • Each unit follows the course theme of LifeSkills
  • Access to the Online Workbook with interactive language practice and automatic Student's Gradebook
  • Webcode included, providing access to the Student’s Resource Centre
  • The Student’s Resource Centre – an online resource containing engaging videos, downloadable video worksheets, class audio, wordlists, extra LifeSkills lessons and more

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