Megatrends Test CD-Rom (All Levels)

Megatrends Test CD-Rom (All Levels)

Chris Barker and Olivia Johnston

English Type:
American English
Level 6

The principle aim of Megatrends is to appeal to young teenagers by providing them with materials that reflect their own reality. The main characters featured in the stories are based on real teenagers, on what they say, and on the kind of things that happen to them.

Although the language syllabus is clear and progresses along recognizable lines, the aim is always to enable students to read, listen to, and express what is relevant and of interest to them at their particular age, and to enjoy doing so.

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Key Features

  • This flexible resource comprises a range of evaluation materials based on the language presented and practiced in the Student's Book
  • Teachers can copy and paste exercises from the Word files to create tailor-made tests

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