New Inspiration

New Inspiration Level 2 Workbook

New Inspiration Level 2 Workbook

Judy Garton-Sprenger and Philip Prowse

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
28 January 2011

New Inspiration builds on the success of the existing series bringing it up to date with new, fresh content. This four-level course takes teenagers from beginner to intermediate level, evolving with the students, reflecting their changing needs and interests. The Workbook provides extra material that works alongside the Student's Book.

Key Features

  • Extensive grammar and vocabulary exercises with integrated skills activities
  • Extension exercises at the end of each language lesson
  • Mixed-ability revision and extension exercises in each unit
  • Four CLIL and four Culture lessons which build on the Student’s Book material
  • Brain teasers, crosswords and suggestions for follow-up work on the internet
  • Learner independence and self assessment sections
  • Review sections with Cambridge exam-style exercises
  • Pronunciation and spelling work
  • A unit-by-unit story for further reading and suggestions for further extensive reading practice

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