New Inspiration

New Inspiration Level 4 Student's Book

New Inspiration Level 4 Student

Judy Garton-Sprenger and Philip Prowse

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
27 January 2012

The Student's Book interweaves a strong skills syllabus with motivating topics and activities. 

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Key Features

  • Preview pages introduce each pair of units
  • Language Workout boxes introduce the grammar in the lesson and encourage students to work it out for themselves
  • Language File grammar reference sections at the back of the book include extra grammar exercises as well as full paradigms and explanations
  • Word Bank boxes present key vocabulary and lexical sets 
  • Extension activities in every unit are ideal for mixed-ability classes
  • Your Response post-reading tasks are designed to encourage personalization and critical thinking
  • Culture lessons include a mini-project
  • Inspiration EXTRA includes more revision and extension activities
  • Review sections at the end of each pair of units allow students to assess their progress

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