Survival English

New Edition Survival English Student Book

New Edition Survival English Student Book

Peter Viney

English Type:
American English
Published Date:
4 September 2003

The Student Book is based around real-life situations. Each page is eay to use and to learn from and gives students important new language which they can read, listen to, practice and use. Students will be able to make simple reservations, check into a hotel, have meetings and much, much more!

The book can be accessed page by page or dipped into by using the topic symobls to help find the situations and topics most needed.

At the back of the book, in addition to the Student CD, there is helpful cultural information, vocabulary lists, communication activities, and transcripts for the listening extracts.

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Key Features

  • Communication activities provide practical tasks which are directly transferable to the professional world
  • Culture Files build on the cultural topic and language from each lesson
  • Downloadable Bilingual wordlists are available from the Business English resource site
  • Student audio CD included with the Student Book

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