New Inside Out

New Inside Out Upper Intermediate Practice Online

New Inside Out Upper Intermediate Practice Online

English Type:
British English
Upper Intermediate

Tailored to New Inside Out Upper Intermediate, this online course offers carefully designed resources to provide homework and extra practice for the popular coursebook.

Students can work on their English, whether at work, in class or on the move. There are 12 units matching the units in the student's book and 4 review sections.

The 271 resources comprise language, grammar and vocabulary exercises, listening and pronunciation practice, web projects, and games. In addition, a small number of exercises have been versioned from the print into online form in order to supply reinforcement through further practice. Each unit in this course has been designed to match a unit of New Inside Out Upper Intermediate.


Unit 1 - Impressions
Unit 2 - Generations
Unit 3 - Gold
Review A
Unit 4 - Challenge
Unit 5 - Ritual
Unit 6 - Eat
Review B
Unit 8 - Escape
Unit 9 - Attraction
Unit 10 - Genius
Review C
Unit 11 - Sell
Unit 12 - Student
Unit 13 - Home
Review D

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