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Open Mind Advanced Workbook and CD Pack without Key

Open Mind Advanced Workbook and CD Pack without Key

Lindsay Warwick and Chris Valvona

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British English

The Print Workbook pack consolidates and builds on the language and topics taught in the Student’s Book. It is perfect for recycling language, reinforcing material learnt and for extra activities. The Pack includes a print Workbook and Audio CD containing all the listening exercises in the Workbook. This is a 'Without' answer key version.

Key Features

  • A Listen and Write or a Read and Write page consolidates the unit material and offers the student further opportunity for guided, supported and highly personalised writing practice
  • A Down Time page within each unit offers fun and engaging activities in the form of quizzes, crosswords, games, riddles, and more
  • Print Workbook consolidates material from the Student’s Book
  • Audio CD contains all the listening exercises used in the Workbook
  • This is a ‘Without’ answer key version

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