Open Mind

Open Mind Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book Pack Premium Plus

Open Mind Pre-Intermediate Teacher

Mickey Rogers and Steve Taylore-Knowles and Joanne Taylore-Knowles

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British English

The Teacher’s Book Premium Pack consists of a Print Teacher’s Book with Class audio CD, DVD, and webcode access to the Teacher’s Resource Centre, Online Workbook, Presentation Kit, and Digital Student’s Book. The Print Teacher’s Book incorporates the key life skills strand and detailed notes provide helpful support and useful tips throughout.

Key Features

  • Highlighter/Search/Notes tool
  • Embedded audio and video assets
  • Embedded interactive activities (with or without answers)
  • Internal gradebook, which allows students to mark their own activities as they work through them
  • Teacher gradebook allows teachers to access their students’ marks and grades and keep track of their progress

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