The Mind Series

openMind 1 Teacher's Edition and Webcode

openMind 1 Teacher

Tim Bowen

English Type:
American English
Level 1

The Teacher’s Edition offers carefully planned and insightful teaching notes to prepare and support teachers. Useful sections provide cultural background information, lesson openers and extra activity ideas. An included webcode provides access to mindOnline where teachers have a range of digital and additional teaching resources available to them.

Key Features

  • Complete answer key and audioscripts
  • 'Culture note' gives background information that will help teachers with presentation of material
  • 'Lead-in' provides teachers with optional activities that help to start the lesson or introduce a particular section of the student's book
  • Detailed and carefully planned teaching notes
  • A webcode included in the Teacher’s Edition provides access to mindOnline
  • mindOnline – provides digital tools, an e-planner and a whole host of additional teaching resources

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