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openMind Essentials Student

Dorothy Zemach and Ingrid Wisniewska

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openMind Essentials combines the Student's Book and the Workbook into one volume. The audio for the Workbook element is packaged with it on an audio disc found at the back of the book.

The combined Student's Book /Workbook Pack also includes access to mindOnline, the companion Web site for openMind.    This is accessed through a unique access code found at the back of the book. Each unit includes a six pages of language sections withOpener, Language Wrap-Up, and Communicative Wrap-Up and two pages of lifeSkills.

mindOnline provides students with numerous additional resources including interactive wordlists, video pieces and langauge practice. mindOnline Essentialswill be available from June 2011.

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Key Features

  • mindOnline - a powerful and practical online component for both teachers and students. Teachers will benefit from tools such as e-planners and test generators and students from the videos and interactive wordlists
  • lifeSkills  - a special unit in each unit to develop life skills while recycling target language from the unit
  • Thorough skills development - a carefully planned, graded four-skills syllabus with step-by-step development of sub-skills. Skills are integrated and practiced in 'Language Use' sections
  • 4-step grammar presentations - a clear, simple and memorable approach reinforced with lots of practice in the Workbook and mindOnline
  • Transparent methodology - communicative approach with deductive / inductive work, learner training, and systematic skills development

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