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openMind Essentials Student's Book and Webcode

openMind Essentials Student

Dorothy Zemach and Ingrid Wisniewska

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American English

The Essential Student’s Book/Workbook combines material from both books into one. Focusing on the four skills in the Student’s Book half and recycling and reinforcing material in the Workbook half. The Workbook Audio CD contains all the listening material, while the webcode allows access to mindOnline where a wealth of extra material can be found.

Key Features

  • Students learn grammar in four, easy steps. Each grammar section starts with a short text presenting the new language in context
  • Vocabulary is taught with an emphasis on the most frequent and useful words for students according to the Macmillan English Dictionaries
  • Learners develop subskills in reading, listening, speaking, and writing
  • The lifeSkills activity recycles language from the unit while giving students the chance to learn a key higher-order skill
  • A Webcode accompanies the student’s Book and provides access to mindOnline
  • mindOnline – contains supplementary activities, interactive wordlists, reading worksheets and videos
  • Workbook recycles and reinforces Student’s Book material
  • Accompanying Audio CD contains all the tracks for the listening tasks

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