Story Magic

Story Magic 2 Teacher's Book

Story Magic 2 Teacher

Susan House

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
1 March 2003
Level 2

The teaching notes in the Story Magic 2 Teacher's Book include different elements to facilitate day-to-day classroom management as well as detailed notes for fully exploiting each activity from the pupil's materials. This book offers perfect support for teachers and provides useful suggestions and tips.

Key Features

  • A syllabus overview detailing the language covered in the course
  • A Unit Map at the start of each unit outlining its objectives
  • A full tapescript with the text for the stories and songs as well as any other listening activity
  • Checkpoint activities in each unit related to the language objectives of the unit to allow the teacher to assess the progress of the class continuously
  • Cut-out page for the Christmas and Easter craft activities in the Pupil's Book

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