Story Magic

Story Magic 3 Activity Book

Story Magic 3 Activity Book

Susan House

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
1 March 2003
Level 3

The Story Magic 3 Activity Book activities reinforce the language learned in the Pupil's Book and extend the use of the new language into the different skill areas. Many of the activities require the pupils to use oral communication in order to complete the tasks.

There is a language awareness activity in each unit where the pupils are asked to examine an element of language that they are familiar with and deduce conclusions about the structure of the language. Other activities require the pupils to read and complete sentences, to write simple sentences and paragraphs and to conduct class surveys.

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Key Features

  • Write a story review, in which pupils review the story they have listened to
  • 'I can do it!' self-evaluation page at the end of each unit
  • A bilingual dictionary to be completed by the pupils in their own language

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