Straightforward Second Edition

Straightforward Second Edition Beginner Student's Book

Straightforward Second Edition Beginner Student

Lindsay Clandfield

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British English

The Student’s Book is beautifully designed and structured to contain one lesson per double page spread throughout the book. Each unit covers a range of material and highlighted sections help to develop the core skills. Self-assessment boxes at the end of each unit check and monitor student progress and allow them to become independent learners.

Key Features

  • Each unit culminates in a self-assessment box so students can check and monitor their own progress and become more independent learners. The checklist is a selection of clear 'can-do' statements and therefore links to the CEF and portfolio elements of the course
  • ‘Did You Know’ sections provide useful facts and information to meet their curiosity and interests
  • Grammar - Clear and uncomplicated grammar explanations present new grammar elements. Students are always supported by the Language Reference pages at the back of their book allowing them to further work on a difficult area and understand the language
  • Vocabulary - Difficult and out of context words from the text are presented in the glossary so students are not distracted by these lexical hurdles
  • Reading - Texts are accessible for the relevant level, realistic and from a variety of different sources/contexts

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